What is a Blog and How Does it Work?

By | October 1, 2016
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A few months ago as I started to research online marketing, I realized that I needed to know – what is a blog and how does it work. I would like to use this blog to answer these questions. I’m sure you will find it helpful!

Let’s get started…What is a blog?

For the technical definition, check out the Wikipedia definition.  In plain language, a blog provides blogimageinformation that is published on the World Wide Web. Some people use the words blog and posts interchangeably. Blogging is the action of writing content and posted to a website as a series of blogs or posts typically displayed with the most recent post appearing in reverse chronological order.

Are blogs popular?

Absolutely…since the first blogs appeared in the late 1990s, their use has grown at speed of sound accompanied by many tools that provide even non-expert users with the ability to create blogs. Sites such as blogger.com and the blogstarter.com provide the opportunity to create free blogs…yes free! There are over 200 million blogs in existence today and the topics include:

  • News
  • Political commentary
  • Sports

What is the difference between a blog and a website?

Blogs have a unique address or domain on the internet. A website is not necessarily a blog. Most, if not all, businesses have a website that provides information about products and services they provide. These websites are often static but even that assumption continues to evolve as businesses see the opportunity to incorporate two-way communication using social media tools and online purchasing options.

Why is it so much easier than in the late 1990’s?

The development of powerful Content Management System (CMS) software like WordPress has made this easy. For example my website is a niche website and it is so user-friendly even for the beginner!

I blog by providing key information that can help people get started in the online marketing business and, in the case of my website, identify Ways to Retire Early.  Examples of my pages include Getting Help With Your Business, My Resources, and Start Here.  Each of these pages include my posts that provide people around the world with information…all with the goal to help them increase their awareness on topics they are typing in Google search engines.

So, How Does a Blog Work?

A blog is an awesome communication tool that provides the “blogger” with the opportunity to share relevant, blognew and helpful information to a target audience on a regular basis. Blogs can take the form of text, images, and video.  One of the first things I noticed about blogs many years ago was that they provided the audience with the opportunity for the reader to post comments and, in fact, these comments provide a forum for the audience to make the blog interactive. Blog comments often take on a life of their own with the audience responding the blog itself and to comments posted by other people posting comments. Blogs often include opportunities to link directly to related topical content.

Blogs that are rich in content/information and include regular posts improve search engine rankings and increase traffic.



My Personal Commitment

Please let me know if the information I have provided has helped you understand What is a Blog and How is it Used! Please share this blog with others who may have similar questions. If there is anything about this process that you have questions about, please know that I want to help. Please post your questions here and I will get right back to you…we are in this together! Here is a link to my profile.

All the best!


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