Is It Your 2017 Resolution to Earn Money Online?

By | December 31, 2016
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Let’s talk about the best way to earn money online in 2017. Millions of people are thinking about this question right now…“Is It Your 2017 Resolution to Earn Money Online?” Read on and let me show you!

Affiliate Marketing is a great project that will answer this question!

Okay, what is Affiliate Marketing?

It is a connection you create with a company. You advertise a product for a company and you receive a commission. For example, write a review on a book, as a “stay at home mom,” you have so much to share with other moms…all the things you learned the hard way and I bet you have read a lot of books!

The worldwide audience of the internet goes shopping online for this book, sees your review, likes what they see in the product, and clicks “purchase.” With that one click, you earn a commission…and it may not stop there. If that customer sees another product they like, while visiting the site, and purchase it, you also earn a commission…I have seen instances where customers have purchased a cleaning product that had absolutely nothing to do with my product review!

What does Affiliate Marketing look like?

Every minute of the day from anywhere in the world, people go to Googleaffiliate-marketing-23647020 for information. So, a person is thinking about buying a treadmill and they want to find out more about the options and the cost. In today’s world, the first step for many people is to visit Google and type in “treadmill.” They find the website after noticing the title, “treadmill.” This is the first step in the consumer buying cycle.

They find a treadmill ProForm 505 CST Treadmill at and the price is $509. The product and the cost increase their interest but wait, Treadmillthis website provides the opportunity for customers to leave reviews. Of course, it seems like a good idea to check out what others are saying about this product before they think of spending this much money.

Hmmm, they wonder if another Google search might yield more helpful information for their decision making process. Back to Google and searches “ProForm 505 CST Treadmill ” for that item. They locate a website that says in the title “ProForm 505 CST Treadmill Reviews.”

This link takes them to your website What a find…this website has a review post in the form of a video to help readers get an up close visual of the treadmill. The review is very well done and, in fact, includes a direct link to purchase the treadmill for 10% off on this site. They click on the link and decide to move ahead with the purchase.

You earn a commission on their purchase. The website that they get-startedcheck out at will take care of completing the transaction and shipping the treadmill to them. You helped them purchase their brand new treadmill.

Could you do this?

Absolutely you can! As with anything new, with the right training and support, you can do anything.

What is the first step?

The first step is to join an affiliate program. Back to Google, of course…search “exercise equipment + affiliate program” and you will find many companies offering an affiliate opportunity. Commissions range from 1% to – 70% on sales. Over 80% of companies on the internet offer an affiliate program.

What is the second step?

Okay, so you’re an affiliate in an affiliate program and now you can start to advertise their products on your website. Your website will need to be dedicated to that “niche” or your “targeted audience.” In my example, that would be This website focuses on exercise and treadmills. It helps people review products that they are interested in. Direct links are offered, sometimes with discounts, to enable purchases.

What is the third step?

You need a website and remember you are in business to help people. You need to provide quality information for your audience and this requires you to do research. Through links embedded in the content of your website, you will provide opportunities for people to purchase the product. Doing this will help you build a lucrative affiliate marketing business.

What is the fourth step?

how to make money online free and no scams
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Let me help you build a website. At Wealthy Affiliate, we teach you how to do this. Are you ready for some awesome online training? The best news is that your first course is free. During this free training, you launch your first website and we will help you join some affiliate programs. How do you pick your niche? We teach you. With the Starter Membership, you get 2 free websites…for free! I encourage you to start with only one website. At least for me, this approach helped me to have one fully operational website that allowed me to start making passive income.

What is passive income?

Can you imagine building something and then letting money start flowing your way? Yes, getting started requires a lot of hard work and learning before the money starts to flow. If you are truly interested in leaving the 9 – 5 world and working from anywhere…passive income is the only way. And it’s awesome to help people through your product reviews!

How does the money start to flow?

It’s all about generating traffic to your website to get sales. Traffic to your website occurs when you optimize your website. Optimizing your website happens when you regularly create quality content…helpful content to your niche. An excellent way to do this is by regularly posting quality content in the form of product reviews. Inserting quality keywords into your content will help build quality content. Keywords are the phrases that people use in the search engine to find what they’re looking for. Using this approach will help people find you and this leads to more traffic to your website.

Use Social Media Tools…

how to make money online free and no scamsFacebook. Google Plus. Twitter. Pinterest. What do all of these social networks really mean to your business and how can you leverage them to increase your business?

Having social clout and engagement on your website is actually a metric that is being used by search engines now to determine your rank. When looking for quality content, search engines measure how social you are with your website. Does it have comments? Do you leave others comments? Are you and others sharing your website on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Linkedin, etc. Using YouTube to make and share videos on your website is another way you can add quality to your website.

Where can you learn how to do all of this…Wealthy Affiliate!

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn all you need to know about Affiliate Marketing! Check out Getting Started .

Remember you are reading this post because you are trying to answer this question: “Is It Your 2017 Resolution to Earn Money Online?”

You decide when to work, where to work and how much you want to work! You can earn extra money with an online business and make 2017 the best year yet!

Start your training at Wealthy Affiliate

Click here to start your training at Wealthy Affiliate. You will find all the training and support to put you on your road to success. Check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate .

Please share and let me know if you have any questions or would like to leave a comment. I would love to hear what you think.

Best regards,


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6 thoughts on “Is It Your 2017 Resolution to Earn Money Online?

  1. Riaz Shah

    Hey Miles,
    I think earning money is the resolution for almost everyone in the world. Its mine every year, just that it gets more detailed on what I should achieve as well and affiliate marketing is definitely on my list as well.

    This year, I hope to earn triple the amount I earn every year and try to achieve WA’s vegas achievement. Its a great program and I’m glad you recommend it on your article too. Best of luck on your online journey and hope you have a happy new year!

    1. Miles

      Hi Riaz,

      I really appreciate you taking the time to share a comment. Now that I have a year’s experience, I’m hoping to devote even more time to building my business and, perhaps, we can both achieve our goal to participate in the Vegas Event.

      Happy New Year!


  2. Richard Jagger

    Very well written and presented article about Affiliate Marketing Miles, Really clearly presented and as a fellow member of Wealthy Affiliate, I can also verify that you’ll get great training and support from your affiliate marketing efforts. Keep up the great work and look forward to more content from you. Take care. Richard

  3. Rob S.

    I recently retired and I don’t think that lost people save enough for retirement at all.
    Do I want to go and work a 9-5 job again? No way!
    I didn’t have a pension to rely on and not much of a 401K either.
    I found another pension/401K plan in Wealthy Affiliate.
    This is a life changer for anyone especially retirees.
    Anyone can learn and do this business. It’s free to join. I’m not working a day job. I’m going with Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Miles

      Hi Rob,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I agree completely and that’s why we are in this business…to find ways to help others!

      All the best,



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