How to Choose SEO Keywords!

By | June 11, 2016
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Looking for the best way to launch your online marketing business…the absolute most important first step in your strategy must be focused on choosing keywords for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Your customers are using keywords to search for your products and you need to identify those killer keywords so that you can build out your SEO plan. Let me show you how to choose SEO keywords!

Three Easy Steps!

In my online marketing journey, three steps have been critical to helping me find these killer keywords. I would love to share these steps with you!


What is your business? What product or service are you marketing? How are you helping people? Don’t laugh…this is such an important step. Brainstorming by answering these questions always helps me identify some obvious keywords. Making a list of these initial keywords sets the stage to dig deeper and add sub-categories.

Let me share an example…you own a fitness equipment store and your initial keyword list starts with treadmills, steppers, and exercise bikes. These are the obvious keywords but I challenge you to dig a bit deeper for a couple of more specific keywords. Do you sell recumbent bikes or elliptical bikes? I thought so…now that’s much more specific!

Finding at least two or three specific keywords will put you on the path to developing an awesome SEO strategy.

Keyword Research…

The tool used by most SEO experts around the world is the Jaaxy Keyword Tool Let’s try an example to demonstrate keyword research using the Jaaxy Keyword Tool:  “ways to retire early.”


Keyword research results like this that suggest killer keywords, and new directions for your SEO campaign.

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Long-tail Keywords…

I have one more step to share for the very best search engine optimization. People who are searching for a product or a service will often use three or four keywords in their search engine query. These are known as long-tail keywords or keyphrases. You will want to find the ones that your customers are using to uncover your killer keywords.

Let me share an example:

My friend has a site that sells guided mountain climbing tours in California. He might have considered targeting a generic phrase like “travel.” This is not the best phrase to target because people using this phrase are likely looking for items such as flight options, cruise options or other general research.

In other words, these people are not likely focused on finding a mountain climbing tour in California. Mountain climbing would not be a prime phrase either since the search would bring up every option in the world! This traffic would not generate traffic he needs to convert to many sales…would you agree?

Here are some keywords that are specific to my friend’s business. They are keywords he can start ranking for, leading to traffic and ultimately to sales right away.

  • California mountain climbing tours
  • Beginner mountain climbing in
  • California Guided mountain climbing tours
  • Mount Shasta family climbing tours

There are many other examples but I want to highlight two critical points:

1.      Long tail keywords rank much easier!

2.      People are far more likely to become buyers when they use long tail keywords for their searches!

This is why choosing keywords for SEO relies heavily on whole phrases. A website that is well-optimized and full of useful content is a foundational step in your SEO strategy.


Identify killer keywords and your SEO strategy will be a “freaking” success! Here it is in a nutshell:

  • Brainstorm your keywords
  • Research your keywords
    • Think outside the box – never miss an SEO opportunity suggested by keyword research
  • Think like your customer and develop long-tail keywords

For the best keyword search tool, remember Jaaxy!




What do you think…I would love to hear from you. Here is a link to my profile.

All the best!


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