How to Build a WordPress Website in 30 Seconds…No Kidding!

By | May 22, 2016
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Let me be the first person to put his hand up…I could not believe that I or anyone else could possibly build a website in 30 seconds…impossible! But that was one of the first things that caught my attention when I was researching the best way to host my blog and build an online business…How to Build a WordPress Website in 30 Seconds!

So, because I was a doubter, it’s important to me that I provide you with the encouragement that it can be done based on my personal experience. I will show you how I did it and I can even share a video to provide you with a video walk-through!

If you have read any of my blogs, you will quickly recognize my approach to leading people through a change or influencing their go forward strategy.

The first step is to explain what WordPress is andWordpress why you would want to choose it!

As I have already said, my limited understanding of building websites was that you needed to hire an expert (significant cost!) or do it yourself and spend countless and frustrating hours trying to build one. Thank goodness, I have not had to go through this process…thanks to WordPress!

WordPress is an open-source framework with a community of millions of people and 10,000s of developers. As a framework for building websites, it is by far the most supported and powerful.

Hold on…WordPress can still be difficult to install, even for expert marketers and webmasters, until Wealthy Affiliate came to the rescue with the development of WordPress Express. That is what I and you can have access to by joining the Wealthy Affiliate community.

WordPress Express is likely the most efficient way, even for the least techie of us, to build a website and, incredibly, in 30 seconds or less…believe me, I did it in less than 30 seconds…now I am a believer!

Now is the Time for Video Proof!

I invite you to simply click on the video below to watch Kyle (Co-Owner Wealthy Affiliate) walk you through the incredibly simple way of installing a WordPress website from scratch. This is the video I followed to build my website in under 30 seconds. I even got to name it, choose my theme and install…take a look!

Build a WordPress Site in 30 Seconds

If you would like to join me within Wealthy Affiliate and “Build Your Website Now”, you can register here for your FREE Starter membership. This is where I network with others and offer my help each and every day to people like yourself to build new websites!

I can tell you it works! I am up and running with three of my very own WordPress websites. I had access to many different themes and the best thing is that my wife has joined me in this online business and she has her very own niche and I have two niches.

Could I Have Done This Without Access to World Class Support…No Way!!

I had access to a community of help and training to build my websites and you can have access to this same support…but how!

Follow This Two Step Process

  1. Create your Starter Wealthy Affiliate account (FREE)
  2. Build your very own WordPress Website

Believe me, it is this simple.

And Another Thing…

WordPress websites are getting awesome rankings in Google. Let me share an example from a Wealthy Affiliate member. This member created a free website using this process and in less than a month he was getting over 4,200 clicks to this website…click here to read about this awesome success…it can be me or you!

Share Your Story!

When your website is up and running, I would love it if you came back and posted your website in the comments below…you get free traffic when you do this and who can refuse free traffic! It would be awesome if you would share this page with your friends or family members who might also like to have a WordPress website.

My Personal Commitment

If there is anything about this process that you have questions about, please know that I want to help. Please post your questions here and I will get right back to you…we are in this together! Here is a link to my profile.

All the best!



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