7 Killer Steps To Get More Blog Traffic

By | October 25, 2016
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In case you haven’t noticed…you are competing with hundreds of other blogs in your niche and even though the online world is HUGE, to stand out, you need to produce powerful and compelling content that helps people. Making great content takes time and there are many tactics out there that you can use to get more blog traffic.

I want to share 7 Killer Steps To Get More Blog Traffic that I have found in my research. They are all so easy to implement that you will wonder why you have waited so long…let’s take a look!

7 Killer Steps To Get More Blog Trafficmore-blog-traffic-picture

1. Write Powerful Headlines

Do your headlines grab attention? Do they cause a reaction for the readers and encourage them to click through and take a look? Are your headlines boring? Try power words in your headline like “effective” or “powerful” and words that evoke emotion such as “valuable” or “attractive”. Another great tip is to use the phrase “How to” in your headline. Research indicates that people are drawn to this phrase. Try using words like “you” or “your” to convey a personal touch. Using numbers or percentages increase the appeal of your headline. Looking for free resources: Try Jon Morrow’s “Headline Hacks,” for a free e-book that presents time-tested headline formulas. Or try Blog Post Headline Analyzer for another awesome tool that will help you improve the effectiveness of your headlines and drive increased click-throughs and social sharing.

2.Focus on Awesome Content


The best way to create awesome content is write for the audience…an audience that is searching for answers or solutions. You want to become a “thought leader” for the topic you are writing about. Try increasing your use of the word “because.” You ask why…because it is a power word that creates interest in reading further for a longer explanation or rationale. Because is one of the top 5 most persuasive words, according to Copywriting 101 by Copyblogger.

3. Use Lists in Your Blog

Lists are a powerful tool to break out information into steps that are often very 12checklist-350attractive to your readers. Try some of these examples…and there are many more:

  • 5 Ways to….
  • 3 Habits of……
  • 10 Tips to……

Follow up with awesome subheadings and you will find that readers dig deeper. Readers can easily scan lists and quickly focus on key points of interest. They can be easily shared on social media! Do a google search and you will quickly notice how many Page 1 articles include the use of 3, 5, 20 ways to do something. People are just drawn so easily to this approach.

4. Always, Always Use Images

We live in a visual world. The value of inserting eye-catching images throughout your blog along with a strategic selection of your featured image will add more value than you can imagine. They are so effective in breaking up a blur of gray text. And, what is Pinterest built on…yes, images and sharing on social media is made so much easier when you use images.

5. Social Media…Share and Share


You have awesome content now generating click-throughs and you can do more. Prominently display those social media icons on your pages and posts and ask your visitors to share. Regularly sharing your own posts will really the value of social media sites.

Share more than once. Garrett Moon suggests in a post on KISSmetrics that companies aren’t sharing their blog content nearly as much as they ought to. Many of us have the mentality of “share once and forget.” We publish something on our blog and distribute it across all our social media channels once. But what about all those people who missed that initial communication? Try this strategy:

  • Share each blog post multiple times depending on the platform in a timely fashion.
  • Tweet, Facebook share and Google+ your article as soon as you hit publish.
  • A day later. tweet it again.
  • A week later, it’s time for another Google+ share, and so on.

Garrett shows how you can easily double your traffic from social media using this way.

Not everyone catches your first sharing of a post and you are really providing the value you promised to your followers because you want to make sure no one misses anything.

To avoid being considered spam, do not publish the same message on social media more than once. Try these tactics to catch your readers’ attention. For example, if you wanted to tweet this blog post you could try…

  • Tweeting the title
    • 7 Killer Steps to Get More Blog Traffic
  • Posing a question
    • Is content getting the traffic and shares it deserves?
  • Quoting the author
    • “Share your content multiple times so that everyone sees it.”
  • Citing a fact
    • “73% of sites don’t have their tweet text set up properly.”

6. Use A Powerful Tweet Text

It’s really important to make sure you have your default tweet text optimized to encourage users to click on the link and follow you on Twitter. A survey by Siege Media found that a massive 73% of company blogs weren’t taking advantage of this technique.

To optimize your tweet text, include the post title, URL and your Twitter handle like this using one of the above examples:

7 Killer Steps To Get More Blog Traffic              https://waystoretireearly.com/7-killer-steps-to-get-more-blog-traffic/ via@MilesWeatherall

Among the common mistakes people make is including the entire title tag instead of just the post title, which takes up valuable space and dilutes the message.

Bottom line…optimize your default tweet text so it includes the post title, URL and your Twitter handle, and watch your Twitter referrals take off!

7. Re-purpose Your Content

I’m in the camp of those who believe that more value is provided in writing fewer longer posts that frequent shorter ones. In the SEO industry, for example, the content that stands out the most tends to involve case studies, new experiments, research and opinion pieces.

Yes, I hear you asking how can you generate traffic while researching for your next big blog? Try this…re-purpose your existing content by transforming blog posts into other content formats. Next upload these new pieces to its own separate channel and you will generate more traffic when a new audience takes a look where it would be seen by a new audience and help to generate more traffic. For example, you could turn a blog post into one of the following:

  • a podcast: record yourself reading your post aloud and upload to iTuneslogopodcast
  • a screencast: record yourself on-screen, add a voiceover and upload to YouTube
  • a slide presentation: create a slide show of your post and upload to SlideShare
  • a ebook: turn a series of posts into an ebook, and download it as a PDF for a tweet.

When re-purposing your content, please remember that your goal is add value by making each piece easier to understand than the previous content.

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